Last Week’s Episode: Superheroes, Oscar nods, and James McAvoy Baking

Last Week's Episode

Hello film and tv fans! It’s that time again. This week we’ve got superheroes, superheroes, and sad superheroes, as well as Oscar nominations, a little animation news and more. So strap in and get ready to read some news baby!

Superheroes, superheroes, everywhere

Domino Issue 1, published by Marvel Comics, 2018. Art by Greg Land and Frank D’Armata.

Let’s start with Zazie Beats. In some non-news news, the brilliant actress recently revealed she isn’t sure if she’ll be returning to star in the third Deadpool movie, reportedly Marvel Studios’ first R-rated film. She told Collider, “No, I haven’t [heard about Domino’s return]. I would love to revive the role. That was always in the world of what was potentially going to happen. I haven’t had any specific conversations around it. But I’m interested. Not only would I love to revive the role, I would love to figure out a way to make a Domino movie or something like that. We’ll see what happens, but I haven’t had any personal conversations.” She will definitely be starring in Amazon’s actually very good Invincible cartoon though, so check that out when it hits the streamer on March 26th. [Collider]

Zack Snyder’s version of the Justice League debuted on HBOMax this week. In the lead up, Vanity Fair did a series of interviews including one with Ray Fisher and Joe Manganiello. Interestingly Fisher revealed that he didn’t know the Snyder Cut was real until last year. “It’s always been talk. There was a comic convention where people would ask me about it, and I decided to stop being so studio PC about the situation, and just go, It does exist. It’s not a matter of whether or not it exists. It’s a matter of whether or not we actually see it.” [Vanity Fair]

Kingsley Ben-Adir has joined the cast of Marvel’s upcoming Secret Invasion series. Allegedly he’ll be playing the lead villain, which seeing as this is a Skrulls show and he’s a talented Black actor he’ll likely be in full prosthetics. We’re hoping that the report is wrong and he’s playing a good guy though, because we really want him to have been cast as 3D Man. [Variety]

Though Billy Crudup is out as The Flash‘s imprisoned and murderous father, we did learn this week that his mom Nora will be played by Maribel Verdu. How, we don’t know seeing as she was allegedly killed by Billy Crudup? As it’s a Flashpoint movie, maybe Barry will bring her back to life? Or perhaps it’ll just be in Flash-backs (lol). Either way. he has a mom and if that movie ever really comes out then she will be played by Verdu. [Empire]

In some very infuriating Stargirl erasure AT&T are pushing forward with an Hourman movie. Honestly unless it’s the good young version that we got in the cute CW series I am not interested but according to Deadline it’s based on “the popular comic.” So maybe it’ll be a big hit and fans of “the popular comic Hourman” will be enticed by this new film. [Deadline]

After his intense turn as Baron Mordo in Doctor Strange, Chiwetel Ejiofor is returning for the sequel. While this writer was not a fan of the first film, I do love this casting and am hoping Raimi and Co. do a better job with the lore, film, and Mordo than their predecessor.

In more Marvel news we got an honestly criminally bad poster for Loki. It’s ugly guys!

The Oscars Return

The Academy awards are here again and weirdly they ignored 95% of movies from last year. In a ceremony that was delayed due to Covid-19, it was clear that the real delay was so studios could push their Oscar films into contention. No nods for iconic 2020 movies like Birds of Prey, Swallow, Impetigore, First Cow, Run, or any of the other unexpected hits people were hoping might get a look in because of this strange year of releases.

Alas, the studio system does what it wants. They ignored Regina King for a Best Director nod for A Night in Miami, but nominated two women directors — Chloe Zhao (Nomadland) and Emerald Fennell (Promising Young Woman) — for the first time in its 93 year history. Other historic nominations included Steven Yeun and Riz Ahmed who are both up for best actor and are the first Asian-American and Muslim nominees respectively. You can read about the rest of the nominations at [NY Times]

Non-Superhero TV News

Speaking of Steven Yeun: after being cut short by Netflix in one of the streamer’s worst choices ever, we’re looking forward to the Tuca and Bertie revival that was teased recently. This is a truly great show so make sure to check out the first season before this hits Adult Swim later this year.

In other animation news reports say a King of the Hill revival might be close. While it kind of makes us a little nervous the above tweet inspires hope of what could be. [tech radar]

Goddesses bless The Great British Bake Off. In a new series of celebrity specials James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley, and more are charming and delighting audiences. And in some especially good news it turns out McAvoy is a powerful baker who made a His Dark Materials cake for his showstopper! [Nerdist]

Come back next time when hopefully all the news will be as pure as a cute Scottish man baking a cake based on a show that he was part of.

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