Last Weeks Episode: Halloween, Covid-19 Shutdowns, and MCU Castings Oh My!

Last Week's Episode

Hello and welcome back to Last Week’s Episode! Congrats for surviving another week of 2020 and–because you’re here–for wearing a mask and keeping those around you safe! We appreciate you. As we move steadily through Fall there’s plenty of wild Hollywood news to keep us entertained as well as the usual shutdowns and hubris from an industry that refuses to take the global pandemic as seriously as you our thoughtful and generous readers.

Mind-Bending Movie News 

Jamie Foxx is heading to the MCU! Yep, in a new shocking twist to Marvel and Sony’s ever evolving saga of their Spider-Man movies, Foxx will be returning to his role as Electro–from Amazing Spider-Man 2–in the upcoming third Tom Holland Spider-Man movie. This is a very cool choice because Foxx was never given the chance to really shine in the lackluster Sony sequel, this also hints that the lines between these franchises is blurring in a serious way, could we see a live action Spider-Verse? Probably, these studios are very aware of how the real world is impacting people’s interest and are doing whatever they need to that attention on them. [THR]

Benedict Cumberbatch is ALSO joining the next Spider-Man film (as Doctor Strange), because what would Peter Parker do without a male mentor in his life.  [THR]

In more cool comic book movie news looks like Kwanza Osajyefo and Tim Smith III will be popping the champagne as Warner Brothers has acquired the rights to adapt Black. The critically acclaimed superhero series imagines a world where only Black people have superpowers and is an incredibly timely pick up. Can’t believe that Black Mask founder Matt Pizzolo, the man behind “Yoga for Indie Rockers” will likely be getting an exec producer credit on what will surely be a massive movie for WB lol.  [Deadline]

2020 has made movie news a funny thing to report on, and the Flash movie is one of the funniest. Billy Crudup has been cast in the upcoming–read that as ‘stuck in production hell’–movie about the Speedster Barry Allen. But the hilarious thing here is that Crudup was already cast as Allen’s father and even had a boring cameo in Justice League. Due to the ongoing drama around the film–which has gone through multiple directors, iterations, and release dates–Crudup left but according to reports he’s back in the same role he already played! Hollywood! Now that Flash has been moved again who knows how long he’ll be involved. [THR]

Natalie Portman confirms that Jane Foster’s storyline in Thor: Love & Thunder, will be based on Jason Aaron and (mainly) Russell Dauterman’s Mighty Thor series, in which Foster takes on the mantle of Thor while dealing with cancer treatments. [Yahoo!]

Wondering when you’ll be able to see your favorite hero on the big screen…or video on demand? Variety has a calendar of all the movies projected for 2021 and 2022, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up. [Variety]

Very into just how wild these new projects are getting. James McAvoy who was most recently seen acting wild in those v dodgy M. Night Shyamalan movies, will be starring alongside The Crown’s Claire Foy in a movie in which he has no script and will be solving a (fictional) crime in real time using clues he finds during shooting. It sounds just ridiculous enough to be great though I do feel sorry for Foy because that sounds like a pretty annoying working scenario. Plus unless it’s directed by someone like Werner Herzog it’ll probably be pretty boring, sorry Charles. [THR]

In a big shocking no one moment, Jurassic World: Dominion–recently pushed to next year and one of the first movies to begin production post the COVID-19 outbreak–has had to shut down due to… you guessed it, COVID-19. It’s perfectly fitting for a movie about the grave greed of capitalism to be the place where studios pushed forward with production only to be shutdown by a clearly deadly virus that they were all completely aware of when they began shooting. [Variety]

Terrible TV News 

In one of the most depressing heel turns of fake allyship since the national uprisings in the wake of the murder of George Floyd is the decision for the briefly canceled COPS to go back into production. The virulently racist series has long been a large part of the promotion of police violence against people of color and specifically Black people in America and this is a disgusting choice that shows that many of the promises that were made in the last few months were nothing but lip service.

The COVID-19 crisis continues to cause chaos within the TV and movie world with new cancellations being announced everyday. So while COPS lives, GLOW has had it’s fourth season order reversed by Netflix, leaving many fans as well as the cast and crew devastated. Star of the wrestling series, Alison Brie posted a cast photo on her Instagram with the quote “Going to miss this… Forever grateful to my GLOW family for changing my life forever. ❤️ #glownetflix.” [Deadline] 

Shocking no one, it turns out that the Game of Thrones set was not a great place to be. James Hibberd’s new oral history, Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon: Game of Thrones and the Official Untold Story of the Epic Series, features many distressing anecdotes about the way that the creators treated sex scenes. “Momoa took first-time showrunners D. B. Weiss and David Benioff’s unprofessional handling of the situations in stride, though he needed to sometimes refuse their requests. Momoa recalled a time while shooting a Season 1 sex scene when he placed the intimacy pouch (which covers an actor’s genitals in nude scenes) in Benioff’s hand: “That was because David had been like, ‘Momoa, just take it off!’ You know, giving me s***. ‘Sacrifice! Do it for your art!’ I’m just like, ‘F*** you, bro. My wife would be pissed. That’s for one lady only, man.'”

And now for something good…

In some rare good news a group of Canadian broadcasters have stated they’ll be creating new shows created and crewed solely by BIPOC. The Hollywood Reporter explained the amazing new scheme thus: “Canadian broadcasters are no longer commissioning homegrown originals from too-white indie production teams as part of an industry-wide inclusion initiative. To help meet new diversity goals, Bell Media, CBC/Radio-Canada, Corus Entertainment and Rogers Sports & Media have agreed to compel local film and TV producers to use a new HireBIPOC database of diverse talent and crew to secure a green light for indie content. The staffing web portal aims to get more Black, Indigenous and people of color individuals into the top reaches of the Canadian industry to eliminate systemic racism. The HireBIPOC roster, spearheaded by BIPOC TV & Film and Bell Media, had over 600 diverse talent and crewmembers registered with website profiles within hours of being launched on Monday.” [THR]

Bad for Business

Cinema chain Cineworld–owner of Regal in the US–employs 5000 plus people in the United Kingdom who were all dismayed when it was revealed they would be shutting down operations due to the latest James Bond movie being pushed to next year. It’s almost like relying on one movie to “save the industry” during a global pandemic was a bad idea. The Bectu Union head Philippa Childs gave the following statement about the choice and how it affects workers.

“Confirmation that Cineworld is mothballing all its cinemas will be devastating for everyone who works there.

“Cinemas are currently able to operate safely so this decision is entirely the result of distributors choosing to delay the release of blockbusters in the hope of making extra money further down the line. This is short-sighted in the extreme and if other chains follow Cineworld’s lead it’s hard to see how there will be a fully functioning industry to return to in six months’ time. Bectu will be working with the UK Cinema Association to pressurise distributors to follow Christopher Nolan’s lead in bringing pictures forward to help maintain a functioning cinema industry.

“It is our expectation that Cineworld will continue to fulfil its legal obligations with respect to its employees, retain as many as possible, and that those it has to let go will be done so on as positive terms as possible. 

The pandemic continues to highlight those industries which build their considerable success on the back of workers who are paid badly and have zero job security. This is an unsustainable situation that has to change if we are to build any form of resilience into the workforce.”


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