Month: February 2020

Megatron frowns

Patreon Exclusive: Transforming the Narrative: An Analysis of The Transformers: The IDW Collection – Phase One, Volume One

Each month, we will be publishing exclusive essays by our contributors on various topics. In our first Patron-exclusive essay, Doris V. Sutherland explored the 2018-2019 run on Wonder Woman by G. Willow Wilson. This month, Nola Pfau takes on The Transformers: For those not in the know, 2018 wrapped up a thirteen-year span of Transformers…

The "Cyber Warrior" from "Ascension of the Cybermen"

Cyber Wars and Cyber Wars: Doctor Who’s “Ascension of the Cybermen”

Last season’s finale, “The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos”, was one of the worst episodes of post-2005 Doctor Who. Not because it was offensively bad, but because it was completely forgettable. This season, Chris Chibnall instead tried to create big, memorable moments in every story. In “Ascension of the Cybermen”, Chibnall and director Jamie Magnus…