Patreon Exclusive: Transforming the Narrative: An Analysis of The Transformers: The IDW Collection – Phase One, Volume One

Megatron frowns

Each month, we will be publishing exclusive essays by our contributors on various topics. In our first Patron-exclusive essay, Doris V. Sutherland explored the 2018-2019 run on Wonder Woman by G. Willow Wilson. This month, Nola Pfau takes on The Transformers:

For those not in the know, 2018 wrapped up a thirteen-year span of Transformers comics all contained within the same sphere of continuity. Thirteen years doesn’t seem like a lot in the face of some franchises, but for Transformers, it’s unprecedented; the 2005-2018 IDW continuity is the longest cohesive story that has ever existed for Hasbro’s darling robots, longer by far than any of the cartoons that inspired them, and longer too than even the massive movie franchise of the last decade or so. As a means of recording that chronology, in 2010 IDW began releasing The Transformers: The IDW Collection, a series of oversized hardcovers with matching trade-dress, spot-gloss, the works. As established, I am a sucker for the luxury of well-curated comics memorabilia; less established is that I am also a sucker for these robots. I’ve already read the vast majority of this output in the past, but with the first volume of these hardcovers in my hands, I wanted to go back through and do it again, this time with a careful eye and a trusty word processor open for annotation.

And so, here we are. The Transformers: The IDW Collection – Phase One, Volume One. The first story collected here is the origin of the original Transformers villain, MEGATRON. Megatron Origin #1-4 (2007), written by Eric Holmes and drawn by Alex Milne, details exactly how he came to be the leader of the Decepticons, and it’s…not quite the tale you expect.

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Nola Pfau

Nola Pfau

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