Year: 2018

sword of ages

Sword of Ages Stars An Epic Heroine

Sword of Ages #1 Gabriel Rodriguez (Writer and Artist), Lovern Kindzierski (Colorist), Robbie Robbins (Letterer) IDW November 29, 2017 The first issue of Sword of Ages reminds of my childhood, partly because it combines, without contradiction or explanation, the mythic register of high fantasy with spacefaring technology, and partly because the protagonist, Avalon, is exactly…

adventure time

Adventure Time Vol. 13: Genuinely Mathematical

Adventure Time Vol. 13 Christopher Hastings (Writer), Ian McGinty (Artist), Maarta Laiho (Colors), Mike Fiorentino (Letters) BOOM! Studios December 26, 2017 Adventure Time Volume 13 is an epic story involving dungeons, space-time paradoxes, personal sacrifice for the greater good, and a look into the past. It starts with a visit to Finn’s childhood dungeon that his adopted dog-father…