Next on Comics: Resolutions to Take Your Comics Inclusivity to the Next Level in 2018

Everywhere you turn, there seem to be new diverse characters, more diverse creators and more diverse stories. It’s a good start, but we want more! We need more. Let’s keep the momentum going by resolving to push the industry forward in 2018. Recruit your comics reading friends to do the same!

Read, read, read!

  • Read at least one comic created by an all POC (people of color) team
  • Cruise Kickstarter for a comics anthology that does a deep dive into a culture— i.e. not just Asian, African or Latinx, but specifically Turkish and Pakistani, or Vietnamese and Korean, or Brazilian and Bolivian
  • Find a web comic you love that includes differently-abled or disabled characters, or characters with mental illness. Drop your recess in the comments, or tweet!

Get to know creators

  • Get familiar with one creator’s body of work!
  • Get social! Follow marginalized voiced creators on social media and share their posts
  • Educate yourself on comics with characters written by creators of those voices, i.e. a lesbian woman character written by a lesbian woman cartoonist

Be a voice for diverse comics in your community

  • Ask your local comic store to carry one (specific!) new title that diversifies their line
  • Talk to your local librarian about adding at least one new LGBTQIA comic in the collection
  • Check out your local comic book Ladies Night Out group (or consider starting your own)

Get involved with us

  • Got a great little-known title by a great marginalised team that you need everyone to know about?
  • Want to share how your context lights a particular well-known comic book scene?
  • Feel unheard as a marginalised fan or commentator?

We’re listening.

Brenda Noiseux

Brenda Noiseux

Community builder, artist, convention organizer, gamer, geek writer @womenoncomics, @Sidequest_BHP. Owner, Bittenby Studios