Month: October 2018

Venom by Tradd Moore

Eddie Brock’s Body: An Artistic Overview of the Venom Symbiote

No matter where you look these days, listicles about the sexiest characters in comics all look the same. You’ve got your Gambits and your Thors, for example, characters whose canon beauty is basically an explicitly listed trait on their wiki-pages. Some fans swoon over Clark Kent’s earnest farm boy persona, while Emma Frost’s fierce and…

Olivia Twist (Dark Horse Comics, September 2018)

Twisting Up A Dickens Classic: An Interview with the Creative Team Behind “Olivia Twist”

Reinventing a classic to another time or medium is an opportunity to breathe fresh life into the work. How many of us were inspired to revisit high school English reading list staples Romeo and Juliet or The Great Gatsby after Baz Luhrmann put his own spin on them? Or finally understood the themes behind A Wrinkle in Time after Hope Larson’s…