Day: July 8, 2015

Come on, Barbie! Let’s Geeky Party!

Welcome to WWAC Game Section’s summer Barbie series. These months are often the time that children are free from commitments, away from their friends, and ready to let their imaginations take over. For many of us that meant playing with Barbies, and over the next few weeks you’ll see the many different ways Barbies affected…

Strange Fruit #1 by Mark Waid and JG Jones (BOOM! Studios 2015)

The White Privilege, White Audacity, and White Priorities of STRANGE FRUIT #1

Strange Fruit #1 J.G. Jones and Mark Waid (Authors), J.G. Jones (Artist), Deron Bennett (Letterer) BOOM! Studios  (July 2015) (This review contains some spoilers) Writing about Strange Fruit #1 has been a long time coming. It has been on my very-reluctant radar since it was announced on February 20th — Dwayne McDuffie’s birthday. For readers who are unaware, Dwayne McDuffie…