#HotArchie: We Vote On Miss/Master Riverdale

Betty and Archie, Fiona Staples

It’s all the rage: #HotArchie!

archie andrews, All-New Archie #1, Fiona Staples, ARchie COmics, July 2015

Well, we got an “All-New Archie #1 released this Wednesday” in the ol’ WWAC editors inbox last night, and suddenly everybody was screaming. Old Archie fans, new Archie fans, people with no great opinion, but an interest in good art—it didn’t matter. It was all good. Fiona Staples is a goddess, and all she touches turns to platinum.  Andre Szymanowicz and Jen Vaughn’s colouring picks out all the right dimensional gloss.

Thus, a WWAC contributors’ poll: who, of these reduxed teen-eternals, is the most handsome construction? Who’s the winning cutie here? I bade our team pick only one each. The votes came out something exactly like this– but you can leave your own opinion, no problem! Vote, vote vote (thematic!)

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.
archie andrews, All-New Archie #1, Fiona Staples, ARchie COmics, July 2015
You said it, Arch

It’s far out that beautiful, girl-next-door (Staples-version) Betty didn’t get a vote at all! It’s kind of funny that AA came in third! But that just goes to show: this really is All New. Nothing is guaranteed! Anything could happen!

Even more pressing: how much of this will change when we finally meet…Veronica?

Claire Napier

Claire Napier

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