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    Amanda Vail

    Amanda is a staff writer for WWAC. She is also a developmental editor and copywriter in less-than-sunny Seattle. She likes to poke her nose into things, mainly manga, graphic novels, sci-fi & fantasy books, and art galleries. Then she writes about them. She also drinks a lot of coffee. Tweet her @amandamvail.

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  • “To Your Eternity” is not “A Silent Voice”

    “To Your Eternity” is not “A Silent Voice”0

    To Your Eternity Volumes 1 – 4 Yoshitoki Ōima (mangaka), Steven LeCroy (translation), Darren Smith (lettering), Haruko Hashimoto and Alexandra Swanson (editing) Kodansha Comics 2017 – 2018 *Note: this article is based on review copies obtained from the publisher. Over the course of their* existence, Fushi has been many things: a moss, a rock, a wolf,

  • WWAC at GeekGirlCon!

    WWAC at GeekGirlCon!0

    Hey there! Are you in the Seattle area this weekend? Are you coming to GeekGirlCon? If you’re not, then do yourself a favor: clear your schedule. Then come to one of the most supportive, family-friendly, awesome, community-oriented, positive, and awesome cons around. Did I say it was awesome? But in all seriousness: this is my

  • The Borderline Mother in Netflix’s Stranger Things

    The Borderline Mother in Netflix’s Stranger Things4

    The Duffer Brothers’ Stranger Things intrigued me with the fantastically ’80s splash screen on the Netflix series page and totally hooked me with the title sequence. And then my wife and I watched the entire, too-short eight-episode series in, oh, a weekend. I reveled in the plethora of cinematic and musical nods to the decade

  • You Be You: a Review of Princess Jellyfish

    You Be You: a Review of Princess Jellyfish0

    Princess Jellyfish, Volume 1 Mangaka: Akiko Higashimura Translation: Sarah Alys Lindholm; Lettering: Carl Vanstiphout; Editing: Haruko Hashimoto; Kodansha Comics Edition Cover Design: Phil Balsman. Kodansha Comics March, 2016 Disclaimer: This review of Princess Jellyfish is based on a review copy provided by the publisher.