Author: Carly Smith

Review: Nintendo’s Miitomo App

After a long time of ignoring the culture surrounding smartphones, Nintendo has released its first social media app, complete with a dress-up game and pachinko-style minigames. I’m a sucker for virtual clothes and being Skinner boxed by “I nearly had it!” games, so I was eager to try out Miitomo.

Why I Game: We Are Not Alone

Like a lot of young introverts, as a kid I struggled making lasting friendships. I always felt like I was on the outside looking in. Through times of significant change in adolescence, I was still having a hard time finding “my place” in the world. I declined invitations to parties and events because they made…

Copyediting: What Even IS That? Four Copyeditors Discuss The Matter

Back in May, Claire—WWAC’s Features and Opinions Editor—and Jasmine—the co-editor of The Psychedelic Journal—had a little roundtable discussion on editing and what it’s all about. This got us—the copyediting team here at WWAC—thinking. Perhaps we should have a little roundtable of our own. “Copyediting?” “What even is that?” “Why do you need a copyeditor?” “Don’t…