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    Cathryn Sinjin-Starr

    An American specimen (subspecies: Michigander), now under research in the United Kingdom. Subject appears to sustain itself on video games and webcomics. Favourite flavours are fantasy and sci-fi, with a slice of life on the side. Hair has an odd chameleon property - it continually shifts in colour according to mood and, as previous researcher described, “zaniness”.

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  • Lines of Pride: LGBTQIA+Webcomics About Life

    Lines of Pride: LGBTQIA+Webcomics About Life1

    Users of the LINE Webtoon app were greeted Monday with a notification from the service advising that there had been a rash of abuse with the reporting tool to get LGBTQIA+ comics shut down. They responded promptly to explain that they are inclusive website and would be contacting creators to get their pages back up.

  • Mass Effect: Andromeda – Seeing Myself in Another Galaxy

    Mass Effect: Andromeda – Seeing Myself in Another Galaxy0

    Vetra, Drack, Peebee, Jaal, Cora, Liam … That is my present list of favourite party members in order for Mass Effect: Andromeda, roughly 80 hours in. You think this will be about Vetra? You would be incorrect. Whilst I can rant on how Vetra’s character is woefully neglected in spite of her badassery, how Jaal’s emotional openness