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    Cathryn Sinjin-Starr

    An American specimen (subspecies: Michigander), now under research in the United Kingdom. Subject appears to sustain itself on video games and webcomics. Favourite flavours are fantasy and sci-fi, with a slice of life on the side. Hair has an odd chameleon property - it continually shifts in colour according to mood and, as previous researcher described, “zaniness”.

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  • Fitbay’s “Size Finder”: Finding a Frock in a Haystack

    Fitbay’s “Size Finder”: Finding a Frock in a Haystack0

    • November 3, 2015

    Shopping for clothing is one of my most hated activities. There’s nothing more upsetting for me than trying to shop in normal high street stores and trying on clothes that will never fit me. But while online shopping takes this experience out of the mix, it does have its own risks with ordering incorrect sizing

  • A Splat a Day for #Inktober2015

    A Splat a Day for #Inktober20150

    For those that follow comic artists, or illustrators in general, you may have seen a hashtag called #Inktober or #Inktober2015 flying around, and no, this is not a call to pay homage to our Squid Overlords whom blessed us with the power of ink. Inktober is an artistic challenge, set in the month of October and first started

  • What We’re Playing: Next Installments

    What We’re Playing: Next Installments0

    Welcome to another installment of “What We’re Playing.” All of our Barbie posts kept us busy for a while, but now we’re back to the regularly scheduled programming of other great (and not so great) games. We’ve been busy catching up on some older titles, checking out the new installations of titles, and being pleasantly

  • Kanban Warrior – My Productive Life in Kanbanchi & HabitRPG

    Kanban Warrior – My Productive Life in Kanbanchi & HabitRPG8

    Last month for the lifestyle section, we explored the world of cosplay in its many manifestations. For the last month of summer, we are exploring organization and productivity in preparation for the approaching fall, new school year, and the slow fade of the lazy days of summer. Most of us work other jobs in addition to