Day: June 29, 2015

#ASKELJAMES Twitter Promo, Vintage, 2015

50 Shades of Shade: #AskELJames

Earlier today E.L. James, author of the infamous Fifty Shades of Grey series, took to Twitter to promote her new book, Grey, and to answer readers’ questions using the hashtag #AskELJames. For those of you familiar with Twitter you can probably guess how this went down. Sure, there were a few genuine questions for the…

Mighty Marvel Monday: Spider-Man Edition

It’s been quite a week. While I sometimes struggle to find interesting news to share, sometimes weeks like this past one happen, and there can be only one thing to talk about. So, let’s get this Mighty Marvel Monday started! The big news from Marvel this past week was the casting announcement of the newest Peter Parker, also known…