Mighty Marvel Monday: Spider-Man Edition

It’s been quite a week. While I sometimes struggle to find interesting news to share, sometimes weeks like this past one happen, and there can be only one thing to talk about.

So, let’s get this Mighty Marvel Monday started! The big news from Marvel this past week was the casting announcement of the newest Peter Parker, also known as Spider-Man.

I’m sure Tom Holland (not to be confused with Tom Hollander) is a very good actor, and I am sorry for the number of times that he’s going to have to hear this caveat, but this casting combined with the leaked Sony emails regarding the “true nature” of Peter Parker shines a glaring white light on the major flaw in the development of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so it’s no surprise that the majority of the reactions that I saw on social media were variations on a theme:


Holland is the third cinematic Peter Parker in less than a decade, and it would take a lot to top Andrew Garfield, who completely won my heart starting from his first appearance at San Diego Comic Con through his open criticism about Peter Parker’s mainstream adaptation. He also asked why MJ couldn’t be a man, and suggested Michael B. Jordan for the role.

How could any sixteen year old compare, really?

But beyond that, there’s major disappointment that Miles Morales is not going to be the MCU Spider-Man, and these articles address those disappointments eloquently:

SPIDER-MAN #1 Written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS Art & Cover by SARA PICHELLIIn Miles Morales Moves to Marvel’s Mainstream But Not the Movies, WWAC’s Wendy Browne discusses Holland’s casting in the context of Miles Morales’s new role as #1 Spidey in the comics.

One of WWAC’s contributors, Talisha Harrison, also stepped to declare Why I’m Boycotting Spider-Man: Diversity Isn’t a Trend, It’s a Reality. It’s a fact that should not need repeating and yet.

Are we just bored with Peter Parker? Is there any way to make this new adaptation interesting for audiences who have seen his origin story twice already in first decade of the 21st Century? WWACers share their ideas in this roundtable #FreePeterParker: Spidey is Trapped in a Timeloop — WWAC to the Rescue!


While Marvel Studios is skipping Hall H this year, Marvel TV will be represented by  Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter. I’m still waiting for a press room invitation, but if this is the kind of fun that Hayley Atwell can get up to at Miami’s Supercon, I cannot wait to see her adventures in San Diego. Tell me truly: is there a more perfect human being than Hayley Atwell?

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