Webcomics to Binge On: German Bees, Fresh Starts, and Dangerous Hardware

August, the month of International Beer Day and International Left-Hander’s Day. Perhaps some of these webcomic creators drink beer! Maybe they’re left-handed! A mystery! It is also yet another summer month, and yet another perfect time to get into webcomics.

Some throwback posts, still relevant today:

And now for some recommendations:

Floccinaucinihilipilificationa Webcomcifloccinaucinihilipilification
Author name unknown but prefers she/her pronouns
Almost daily

My fabulous coworker just introduced me to the webcomics of floccinaucinihilipilification (which I learned from the About page means of little value). The comics aren’t a series. They are more like little snippets of the creator’s thoughts that she conveys into a single comic or cartoon. There’s some nerdy wizard comics and Harry Potter themed comics, but in general the comics are absurd and awkward with a mix of observational humor. After reading these comics, I walk away with that delightful, and very German (the creator is German), lens of “how absurd this all is.” Awkward Bee is my favorite.

— Ginnis Tonik

Big HammerBig Fucking Hammer
Danny Djeljosevic and Diana Naneva
NSFW (Language/Violence/Slight Nudity)

There’s not much of this out yet, just two chapters, but it’s fun and fast. Madison is an angry teenage girl, like so many teenaged girls before her. She hates school, she is bulimic, she defies authority. Then she finds out that her whole town is an experiment used to create supervillains, of which she is one. Her superpower is that she barfs up giant hammers after she’s eaten food. It’s a strong, powerful trait that ties in with her existing personality and eating disorder. Now she’s angry with a mission.

They have a Patreon launching to hep fund the project. It will be interesting to see where Djeljosevic and Naneva take the story. High schoolers can feel so helpless, give them super strength and it could all go very strange. So far there’s been very little mention of her eating disorder. The first few panels show her throwing up in the school bathroom and later her parents mention that it’s good to see her eating. This is a complicated topic and I’m cautiously waiting to see how it goes.

–Al Rosenberg

SFW mostly

I was first introduced to Transgirlnextdoor when Al interviewed her last November. Transgirlnextdoor follows the life experiences of the creator Kylie as a trans lady. I have been continuously following this comic since Al’s interview. I love webcomics, but considering everything on my plate, I am pretty selective about which ones I follow, Transgirlnextdoor always ropes me in. As a cis-woman, there are so many things that I resent about my femaleness that are new and delightful to her, and it makes me rethink my resentment towards the things. I get to see it through totally different eyes. I mean, I still may end up resenting some of these things, but often I walk away feeling a little more positive. Additionally, Kylie’s tone is forthright with a touch of self-deprecation and addresses hush-hush issues about our bodies in such an accessible and fun way. I need that.

— Ginnis Tonik

Suzanne Geary
Updates Sundays

This webcomic is just made up of things I love. It’s got two amazing female protags who do cool things, beautiful monster-human morph art, and lots of mystery. I love love love love love  monster art, so this comic is right up my alley. I first heard about it on tumblr and after seeing a few very positive reviews, decided to check it out.  The plot is still building, but there’s definitely enough going on to keep you interested. Up to now, it feels like Geary is striking the right balance between unsettling and endearing, sprinkled with some intense supernatural happenings.

I’m so excited to see how this story develops and what we find out in the next update.

— Jennifer Gonzalez

Zack (anderjak)
NSFW (some violence)

Sapphixation is off to such a great start. We’ve only just met Lady Primrose (I’m guessing the CEO of Primrose Security Solutions) and her assistant (maybe? I’m not sure yet!), Bianca. Lady Primrose seems to be the take-no-nonsense high-ranking official intent on securing world domination, or at least domination of Melee City.

Zack’s art is stunning. They are so talented at manipulating color in ways that really capture characters. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been playing a lot of Vice City recently (okay, it’s probably because of that), but I’m so into the bright pinks, purples, and blues.

This comic is only 10 updates in, so now is the time to get started!

— Jennifer Gonzalez

Samantha Whitten and Stacey Pefferkorn
Once a Week Friday
SFW-ish – Contains some swearing and violence/death

Strays takes place in a fantasy world where its humanoid inhabitants also possess the traits of animals. Meela is a lupian, people with the features of wolves. Orphaned and alone, she is struggling to survive when she meets Feral. A lupian as well, Feral is also mute and a mercenary. With no one to care for her, Meela wiggles her way into Feral’s care, tagging alone whether he likes it or not – which he doesn’t. Along the way, they meet with others friends (Holland and Piper), as well as a few enemies. The biggest challenge, however, is Feral’s past and how Meela became an orphan in the first place.

I found Strays years ago (2007, I think?) when I was still on SheezyArt. I’ve been reading it some chapter 1 and have never looked back. Now on Chapter 15, it’s done nothing but exceed my expectations. The characters are likeable, the story has just enough turns but is still grounded, and the artwork! I love the artwork. Whitten and Pefferkorn share responsibility as writers and artists. I love the style of the comics themselves, but the depth of the backgrounds and attention to little details shows.

— Cathryn Sinjin-Starr

Al Rosenberg

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