• Interview: Paul Tobin, Banana Sunday, and Nostalgia

    Interview: Paul Tobin, Banana Sunday, and Nostalgia0

    One of the reasons that I love Rose City Comic Con is that the laid-back nature of the convention creates an atmosphere, where interviews become more like conversations. Since there’s not a rush to fit in as many interviews as possible, creators seem to be more at ease and willing to chat about anything, even

  • Oni Press PUBWATCH: September, Baby!

    Oni Press PUBWATCH: September, Baby!0

    Welcome back to WWAC’s official Oni Press Pubwatch, brought to you by me, Jazmine. If you are new to WWAC’s Pubwatches, they are summations of what a comics publisher has been up to in the past month. This one is Oni Press’s September goings-on. This Pubwatch will be different from my last; it will not

  • WWAC Reviews: Dream Daddy #2

    WWAC Reviews: Dream Daddy #20

    Welcome back for our second group review of Oni Press’s Dream Daddy series! Dream Daddy #2: “Let The Right Dad In” Lee C. A. (writer), Jack Gross (artist), Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou (letterer) Oni Press September 26, 2018 There’s a new Dad in the cul-de-sac… and he’s already sunk his fangs into the neighborhood! But Robert knows