• Webcomics Roundup: July 2018

    Webcomics Roundup: July 20180

    Welcome to our second month of Webcomics Roundup! This time around, we’re offering more introductions to the wide range of webcomics read regularly by WWAC contributors, from long running sagas, heavy on character development and plot, to comics offering primarily light jokey one-shots. In July, we seemed to be celebrating a lot of growth and

  • A Conversation with Webcomics’ Stan Stanley

    A Conversation with Webcomics’ Stan Stanley0

    Stan Stanley is one of the very first webcomic creators I ever followed as a teen, and it was a delight to discover that she was still in the webcomics game post Boy Meets Boy, tabling at the very same convention I was attending: Flame Con! We sat down together and talked about the old

  • A Fistful of Comics: Crowdfunding Roundup, August ‘18

    A Fistful of Comics: Crowdfunding Roundup, August ‘180

    With SDCC recently wrapped and Flame Con (whose Kickstarter we covered back in 2014) and SPX on the horizon, we’re deep into the throes of convention season. But conventions aren’t the only place to get amazing, small press books. Read on to see August’s wonderful crop of crowdfunded goodness. From short stories and fledgling magazines

  • Webcomics Roundup: June, 2018

    Webcomics Roundup: June, 20180

    Hello and welcome to our revived Webcomics Roundup! After each month comes to a close, we will look back on exciting developments in a variety of webcomics. For our first installment, we look all the way back to June of 2018, so let’s talk about Pride! In the distant, rainbow-hued days of last month, webcomics

  • RUSH! Just Ain’t Up to Speed

    RUSH! Just Ain’t Up to Speed0

    RUSH! Andrew Roby (co-creator, writer), Nicole Kaiser (co-creator, colors, lead character design), Olivia Fowler (art) Diamond Dragon Comics Rapid City was on the verge of destruction, at least until it got its own superhero. Enter Bolt, a super speedy, super arrogant hero to save the day. Now, just as the city seems to be getting

  • Two Sports Comics Knocking It Out of the Park … and One Striking Out Miserably

    Two Sports Comics Knocking It Out of the Park … and One Striking Out Miserably0

    Sports stories, no matter the medium, seem to fall along a continuum. On one end, you have the stories where the sport serves as a backdrop for character-driven conflict, while the other end boasts complete immersion in the sport, with minimal concern for storylines outside each match’s or season’s results. Dodge City, Fence, and We


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