A Fistful of Comics: Crowdfunding Roundup, February ’21

A crop of a page from Abi Watson’s 2 for Joy. A trio of friends walks through a pine forest. The series title lettering is laid over the artwork, and reads “A FISTFUL OF COMICS” in big yellow text. Below, in red, reads “CROWDFUNDING ROUNDUP, FEBRUARY ’21.”

It’s 2021 and WWAC’s own comics crowdfunding roundup is back, after an admittedly lengthy nap. Lockdown has gone on long enough that my interests are taking a decided turn for the introspective (we all have our escapisms), and Kickstarter this month was happy to provide.

A photo of interior pages from The Scent of May Rain. Esther, a golem woman, travels through the Ardennes in 1944 and meets another woman wearing a mask fashioned out of a 1940s nurse's cap.

The Scent of May Rain

Rae Epstein, Kaylee Rowena, Mark O. Stack
Ends February 24

A modest and quick reprint of an already-published comic, The Scent of May Rain follows a golem over 100 years as she finds identity and personhood. Kaylee Rowena’s linework is almost linotype print-esque, and the lightly muted palette makes the 68-page story feel like a walk through time. The campaign is straightforward—print 100 books (or more, should more be ordered) and ship them out to backers—so it might be the last chance to get a physical copy of this particular story. [Editor’s note: Rae Epstein is a past WWAC contributor.]

The book cover for 2 for Joy. A character with short hair and a cast stands in the center of the cover, bracketed by pine trees.

2 for Joy

Abi Watson
Ends February 25

I was ready to pass 2 for Joy off as just another print campaign for a webcomic, but the gentle rhythm of Watson’s punctuation-light dialogue and the soft melancholy of the preview pages’ color palette snared my mind, and I just kept flipping back to the tab. The campaign is, of course, the thing it is—a print book, an extra story, some bookmarks—but hey, it’s nice to hold a story in your hands. And, I mean, listen. I love ghosts, and I love young adult displacement, and this has those and some weird birds on top.

The two covers to the Mind & Body issue of ENBY Magazine. The cover on the left is by Vincy Lim, and features a pumpkin with different expressions shown in each ridge. The cover on the left is by Sunmi, and features a portrait illustration of a person with long hair. Steps descend out of their neck, and their face houses many windows.

ENBY Magazine

ENBY Magazine
Ends March 2

ENBY is a magazine created and curated by nonbinary people and for nonbinary people, with an eye towards fair wages and sustainable production practices. The team has already published four issues (all available on their website), but is looking to kick their production up a notch with a podcast and additional pieces to post to their website—in addition to the physical and digital magazine issues. This campaign is also meant to fund the physical production of a joint issue #5-6, “Mind & Body,” featuring covers by Sunmi and Vincy Lim.

And more!

Midnight Barista Short Comic. Ends February 13.

Pand[emi]c Sketch. Ends February 18.

Spirit’s Destiny #3. Ends February 19. Read our interview with writer Dorphise Jean!

Transformed! Book 1. Ends February 21.

Go Get a Roomie! Book 3. Ends February 22.

Beehive Books’ Illuminated Editions: The Great Gatsby, Kwaidan & Shadowings, and  A Voyage to Arcturus. Ends February 25. We’ve written about these before!

Zora Gilbert

Zora Gilbert

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