Author: Nola Pfau

Alamo Drafthouse

Tim League’s Redemption of Devin Faraci

Eleven months ago, after accusations of harassment were leveled against him, Devin Faraci resigned from his Editor-in-Chief post at Birth.Movies.Death. It was a quintessential “life comes at you fast” moment, wherein the allegations against Faraci were brought up specifically in response to his public condemnation of then-Presidential nominee Donald Trump’s statements about assaulting women. Prior to…

Girl with the dragon tattoo, Titan comics, 2017

Another Girl With a Dragon Tattoo

Note: This article contains frank discussion of sexual assault and graphic violence. I have a confession: I’ve never actually read the Millennium trilogy. I’ve seen the movies, even the American remake of the first, but I’ve never actually read the books. I never felt the need to, honestly. We could spend a lot of time…

Previously On Comics: Awards and Demerits

What happened in comics last week? Howard Chaykin. Again. After Image Comics pulled the cover to Divided States of Hysteria #4 and issued a public statement that was underwhelming in its own right, Chaykin decided to double down, contradicting even that statement in an interview with the website Freaksugar. In it, Chaykin defends his work vehemently, showing…