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Yesterday was Trans Day of Visibility! Did you know that? If you’re reading here, you probably did, but if not, now you do. Let’s start this week off then with the news that Remy Boydell and Michelle Perez, the team behind The Pervert, are reuniting for a follow-up to that book called The Bronze.

Now, since today is April Fools’ Day, let’s discuss the rest of the news.

Remember the news last month that Kickstarter’s employees were unionizing? Well, it appears a memo has leaked that indicates the folks running the company are opposing that union. Opposing fair working conditions? Foolish. Can’t wait for the Kick-strikers.

Zack Snyder said a lot of foolish things about Batman last week. Don’t bother reading them, read our excellent roundtable about him instead. Maybe, uh, not at work, though. That would be foolish.

It’s the kind of thing that seems like an April Fool’s Prank, but isn’t: Garfield phones have been washing up on a beach for something like three decades. No one could figure out why until a farmer who was there when it started shared some insight. They’ve now located the source, but they can’t put a stop to it, because apparently the container holding all those phones is trapped in an inaccessible location. Foolish!

Finally, because I can literally never escape this garbage, comic creator Jai Nitz has been accused of assaulting a college student. That student, a former editor-in-chief of the University of Kansas site HerCampus, penned a detailed account of Nitz’ actions during their encounter. It’s a chilling, heart-rending read. That we continue to allow men like Nitz a platform and a voice, that we continually ignore or suppress the voices of their victims, that is the most foolish thing of all.

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