Author: Megan Purdy

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Pop’s Diner: 6 Snack Pairings for the Riverdale Premiere

Riverdale, the strange new Archie-comics-meets-Twin-Peaks show debuts tonight on The CW at 9 PM. And lifetime Archie-fan Laura Harcourt, will be live tweeting it for us at @womenonocomics! While Archie has been busily rebooting their classic comics for a YA, romance-loving readership, they’ve also been working with the CW to develop this live action drama, which bears little…

8 New Political Comics From PEN’s “State of Emergency”

PEN Illustrated guest editors, MariNaomi, Robert Kirby, and Meg Lemke, dropped seven new political comics today on the literary freedom organization’s blog, a new feature called State of Emergency. The comics, from cartoonists Tyler Cohen, Iasmin Omar Ata, Thi Bui, Dylan Edwards, Rachel Masilamani, Whit Taylor, Robert Kirby,  and Cristy C. Road all LGBTQ+ or WoC, respond to the recent election of US President Donald Trump,…

Review: Wren McDonald’s SP4RX

SP4RX Wren McDonald Nobrow Press December 2016 Disclaimer: This review is based on a copy provided by Nobrow Press. SP4RX is a world you’re familiar with. Punky cyborg hackers eke out a living in squats shadowed by glittering towers while robots and AI are pushing more and more of the working class into the underclass. What makes SP4RX different…