Erase the President: 5 Anti-Trump Colouring Books

So you hate Trump. (I mean, obviously, since you’re reading this site?) So you hate Trump and rather like colouring. Good news! There are now more anti-Trump colouring books on the market than I could reasonably fit into this listicle. Want to tell the president-un-elect to fuck off? There’s a colouring book for that. Want to angrily colour in patterns while learning about the impeachment process? There’s a colouring book for that too.

donald trump, colouring bookWe Shall Overcomb: How to Survive the Presidency of the Angry Cheeto: The Resistance: The Anti Trump Adult Coloring Book

Davor Ratkovic
Day Drankin’ Press
February 23, 2017

Overcomb is all about political slogans and intricate designs. So intricate that by the time you’ve finished one of its pages, you’ll have worked through at least a day’s worth of rage. Each page of the book is a potentially frame-ready design — depending on how angrily you colour — though some feature a blustering Trump head, leering at you from somewhere within the design. Unlike some anti-Trump colouring books it doesn’t provide political guidance. Instead, it focuses on motivating you with slogans and reminders like “we won the popular vote” and “we shall overcome.” This is classic colour therapy combined with a political message that is itself meant to soothe. If you’re looking for an anti-Trump colouring book that will leave you feeling refreshed and recharged, this is probably your best bet.

donald trump, colouring bookF*ck Trump: An Adult Coloring Book

Nasty Woman
Toppings Publishing
February 9, 2017

F*ck Trump has a lot in common with Overcomb. Rather than portraiture (or caricature), both books focus on detailed colouring patterns. But whereas Overcomb’s pages are intricate to the point of exhaustion, F*ck Trump features cleaner, simpler designs. This is a sweeter colouring book, full of fat toadstools, cheerful fish and fresh-looking spring blossoms, but overlaid with positive, but not cutesy, political messages. A cat sitting in a field of stylized flowers calls for Trump’s impeachment. A school of fish reminds you that America is “our country.” Think F*ck Trump as the lighter companion to Overcomb — colour therapy level 3 to its more intense 5.

donald trump, colouring bookThe Huge & Beautiful Trumptivity Coloring & Activity Book: Coloring Therapy to Deal with Donald Trump

Chris Piascik and Shayna Cochefski
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
April 4, 2016

If patterns aren’t your thing, you might be more interested in the Trumptivity Coloring & Activity Book from artists Chris Piascik and Shayna Cochefski. Combining caricatures, parodies and aged up activity book games (fill in the blanks, connect the dots, but made profane), including a “chicken hawk hand,” this book is aiming for a very different kind of destressing: mockery. This is, essentially, one long, participatory political cartoon. You’re going to need a lot of orange pencil crayons.

donald trump, colouring book

Color Me Resisting: A Coloring Book for Persisting When You Are Too Tired to March

Judith Krauthamer
Self published
March 11, 2017

This is a self-published colouring book from Judith Krauthamer who is donating all proceeds to the ACLU. She emphasizes the therapeutic aspect of colouring, describing it as a “relaxing and meditative art form.” Color Me Resisting is meant to “connect [us] with our core values” through the practice of colouring and the nature of the pages themselves which are images of resistance. Krauthamer is a poet and scientist whose previous publications include a pop science introduction to a rare anger disorder and a volume of poetry. Her professional background is in systems modelling and later, coaching, so she’s at kind of a strange candidate for authoring a colouring book, but if you colour as much as I do, you might appreciate something a bit more… unique. (Please, no more mandalas.)

donald trump, colouring bookTrump: The Road To Impeachment: Adult Coloring & Activity

Kim Brown and Eric Tollevsen
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
March 8, 2017

This colouring book combines unflattering portraits, the scenes of various political crimes, and a laundry list of Trump’s favourite slogans, malapropisms, and alternative facts. Unlike Trumptivity, it’s not a classic activity book with games but it’s got plenty for you to do with the non-orange pencil crayons in your pack. The style of Road To Impeachment is looser than you usually find in adult colouring books, with more of the look of an unfinished sketch than a carefully simplified illustration. That may make it less appealing to hobby colourists who want tidy, nicely coloured pages to hang, but more appealing to those who just want to angry colour with one hand while flipping the president off with the other.


Like I said above, this is far from a comprehensive list of anti-Trump colouring books but it’s enough to get you started on erasing the monster-in-chief from your day.

Have a favourite anti-Trump book that I haven’t listed here? Tell me all about it in the comments.

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