Day: January 26, 2017

New York Times Drops Graphic Novel Best Sellers List

Yesterday on Twitter, literary agent Charlie Olsen shared that the New York Times Bestsellers List has announced major changes to their categories, including the removal of the Graphic Novel Best Sellers List Olsen sent us the New York Times announcement, which you can read in its entirety below: Dear Best Sellers Client, We hope you…

Thursday Book Beat: Roxane Gay Pulls Back

Hi, book lovers! I’m currently swamped at school with readings and work so not much reading got done this week! I was really sick the past sick, tis the season, and everyone at work is sniffling. The Academy Award nominees were announced, and I was happy to see Lion and Moonlight nominated for multiple awards!…

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Pop’s Diner: 6 Snack Pairings for the Riverdale Premiere

Riverdale, the strange new Archie-comics-meets-Twin-Peaks show debuts tonight on The CW at 9 PM. And lifetime Archie-fan Laura Harcourt, will be live tweeting it for us at @womenonocomics! While Archie has been busily rebooting their classic comics for a YA, romance-loving readership, they’ve also been working with the CW to develop this live action drama, which bears little…