Pop’s Diner: 6 Snack Pairings for the Riverdale Premiere

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Riverdale, the strange new Archie-comics-meets-Twin-Peaks show debuts tonight on The CW at 9 PM. And lifetime Archie-fan Laura Harcourt, will be live tweeting it for us at @womenonocomics!

While Archie has been busily rebooting their classic comics for a YA, romance-loving readership, they’ve also been working with the CW to develop this live action drama, which bears little resemblance to the either the comics of your childhood, or the new Archie line] that debuted in 2015 with Mark Waid and Fiona Staples. Instead, Riverdale is a noir teen thriller(!?!?!), more in the vein of Pretty Little Liars than Betty & Veronica Double Digest. But as weird as that sounds, WWAC’s Archie team are here for it anyone — and we brought food.

Because we haven’t seen any screeners of upcoming episodes (hey CW, did you lose our email?), we can only base our snacking decisions on the Betty, Veronica, Jughead and Archie we’ve grown to love (but also sometimes hate).

So here are six snack pairings for the Riverdale premiere

Archie Andrews

Unlike his pal, the walking stomach known as Jughead Jones, Archie’s priorities are never on food…except for the times when he needs to be able, but is unable, to pay for it while on a date. He’s the classic American teenager, so his tastes are simple: grilled cheese sandwiches, fresh milk, homemade cookies, a burger and milkshake at Pop’s, a pizza with the team after a game. While I can imagine Archie being happy to settle down for his favorite show with a plate of cookies and a glass of milk to dunk them in, or some popcorn and soda, my vote is for the most American treat of all: home-made apple pie. And if he’s smart enough to treat Betty the right way, there just may be some in his future.

— Laura Harcourt

Betty Cooper

You know all about my love for Betty Cooper, the girl next door who can fix cars, beat the boys at the own games, and manages an enviable best-friendship with Ronnie, even when that ought to be impossible. Betty’s tastes are simple and sweet. She prefers something made by hand: birthday cake from scratch, or tried-and-true chocolate chip cookies. For an evening curled on the couch, watching a favorite show, though, I think she’d pop up some stovetop popcorn, and pair it with made-from-scratch hot chocolate…and maybe some snuggling with her favorite redhead.

— Laura Harcourt

Veronica Lodge

It’s been well established that the personal theatre at Veronica’s mansion is the best place to watch tv and movies. She has movie-theatre style popcorn (definitely), stadium seating (probably), and a full kitchen staff standing by to fulfill any of her snack cravings. Ron, of course, is likely to go overboard in entertaining her friends: she’s most likely to have Gaston whip up a “small something” that includes paté on crusty, fresh-baked bread, gougeres, fondue, and a tower of petit-fours…only to find, of course, that the gang would probably just have preferred some milk and brownies. (There would be anchovies, and Kobe beef, and edible gold leaf. It would be a disaster.) In the end, she’d win them over with a pie from their favorite pizza joint and letting them experiment with the SodaStream.

— Laura Harcourt




— Megan Purdy

red hots

Cheryl Blossom

While I do love me some Veronica Lodge, I cannot wait to see how Cheryl Blossom will be a part of this story. Being that Archie takes me back to 90’s kid me, going to the convenience store after school for junk food and Archie comics (which always prompted my mom to complain about how expensive comics are now), I think there definitely needs to be these staples: Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and Red Hots. Being as that will certainly get your tongue a-blazin’, I recommend washing it down with an adult beverage: sparkling wine or champagne. Probably something on the sweeter end to balance the flavors — and you know Cheryl is all about the bubbly.

— Ginnis Tonik

Josie and the Pussycats

You know those tuna rolls at the grocery store that aren’t really particularly good sushi rolls, but you get them anyway because they are right there and you really want sushi, but you’re tight on money, and it does look pretty? You buy them and just slather on the MSG and pop them in your mouth like chips — sure they taste fishy…maybe even really fishy. You’re going to need those because you can feel kind of fancy and hip, but really you just bought sushi from the grocery store, which I feel is the equivalent to being a traveling girl band named after felines.

— Ginnis Tonik

Ginnis Tonik

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