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    Megan Purdy

    Publisher of all this. Megan was born in Toronto. She's still there. Philosopher, space vampire, heart of a killer.

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  • A Fantastic Woman Is Fantastic

    A Fantastic Woman Is Fantastic1

    A Fantastic Woman Sebastián Lelio (director), Benjamín Echazarreta (cinematographer), Soledad Salfate (editor) Daniela Vega, Francisco Reyes, Luis Gnecco, Aline Kuppenheim, Nicolas Saavedra, Amparo Noguera, Nestor Cantillana, Antonia Zegers, Sergio Hernandez (cast) Released February 12, 2017 (Berlin), April 6, 2017 (Chile) Marina and Orlando enjoy a night out to celebrate their relationship, which is only a

  • Professor Marston and the Wonder Women Is Not Wondrous

    Professor Marston and the Wonder Women Is Not Wondrous0

    Professor Marston and the Wonder Women Angela Robinson (director and writer), Bryce Fortner (cinematographer), Jeffrey M. Werner (editor) Luke Evans, Rebecca Hall, Bella Heathcote, JJ Feild, Oliver Platt, Connie Britton (cast) September 9, 2017 (TIFF), October 13, 2017 (USA) I met Angela Robinson, writer and director of Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman, at San

  • mother! Is Unbearably Corny

    mother! Is Unbearably Corny3

    mother! Darren Aronofsky (director and writer), Matthew Libatique (cinematographer), Andrew Weisblum (editor) Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Ed Harris, Michelle Pfeiffer September 5, 2017 (Venice), September 15, 2017 (USA) There are three ideas in mother! and they’re all garage sale specials, ground so well trod by Hollywood that the film’s last minute twist is both guessable early

  • Backlight: Women In the Director’s Chair

    Backlight: Women In the Director’s Chair0

    • September 3, 2017

    Seeing Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman turn into a huge commercial success is a special kind of schadenfreude. Superhero and other popcorn action films have been been particularly resistant to give female directors a chance, even while allowing mediocre white men to fail upwards, from mild indie successes to headlining major franchises. But it’s too easy