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    Emily Lauer

    In addition to being a contributor to the site, Emily Lauer is the Pubwatch Editor for WWAC. She teaches writing and literature at Suffolk County Community College where she studies comics, kids' books, adaptations and visual culture. She lives in Manhattan with her husband, daughter and dog.

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  • Costumers with a Cause is Cosplay at its Kindest

    Costumers with a Cause is Cosplay at its Kindest0

    Near the Cosplay stage at New York Comic Con earlier this month, there was tucked a small table, with a few raffle items on it and containers full of cash. A couple of superheroes relaxed behind the table, as one might expect. Their banner read: Costumers with a Cause, and they were there raising money

  • The ABC of Typography is a Font of Knowledge

    The ABC of Typography is a Font of Knowledge0

    The ABC of Typography Seyhan Argun, Aseyn, François Ayroles, Hervé Bourhis, Alexandre Clérisse, Olivier Deloye Libon, Delphine Panique, Jake Raynal, Anne Simon, and Singeon (illustrators), Edward Gauvin (translator), David Rault (writer) SelfMadeHero September 12, 2019 From its title The ABC of Typography may seem like it would be for toddlers, but it actually offers a

  • The Nib: An Outstanding Series

    The Nib: An Outstanding Series0

    At the Ignatz Awards this year, The Nib’s print magazine won the prestigious award for Outstanding Series, and both the Death issue (published September 2018) and the Family issue (published January 2019) were individually nominated in the category Outstanding Anthology. They were both strong contenders for the prize, as they offered a wide range of

  • Raina Telgemeier’s “Guts” Has the Glory

    Raina Telgemeier’s “Guts” Has the Glory0

    Guts Raina Telgemeier Scholastic Graphix September 17, 2019 Well, Guts is excellent. It joins Telgemeier’s other graphic memoirs, Smile and Sisters, in telling one story of Raina’s youth in a focused but holistic way. In Smile, Telgemeier detailed the true story of a dental mishap and how it turned into a saga, not only in