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    Emily Lauer

    In addition to being a contributor to the site, Emily Lauer is the Pubwatch Editor for WWAC. She teaches writing and literature at Suffolk County Community College where she studies comics, kids' books, adaptations and visual culture. She lives in Manhattan with her husband, daughter and dog.

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  • Machina Delivers Suspense and Robots

    Machina Delivers Suspense and Robots0

    Machina takes place in a near(ish) future, in which it has become increasingly clear that humans cannot stay on Earth longterm with any expectation of survival. That’s why rival tech companies are competing for a choice Government contract to send their AIs to Mars: to begin terraforming for humans to eventually migrate. Two rival companies

  • Marie Duval Exhibit Charms and Informs at the Society of Illustrators

    Marie Duval Exhibit Charms and Informs at the Society of Illustrators0

    Marie Duval was a successful and prolific cartoonist in Victorian London, and a cozy new exhibit at the Society of Illustrators in Manhattan showcases the breadth and lasting humor of her work in “Marie Duval: Laughter in the First Age of Leisure.”