Year: 2019

The cover of Pros and (Comic) Cons, featuring fans getting autographs from creators at a convention

Three Stars and a Wish for the Pros of The Pros and (Comic) Cons

Hope Nicholson’s latest anthology, Pros and (Comic) Cons from Dark Horse Comics, features several industry professionals sharing stories and anecdotes about their convention experiences, which she talks about in an earlier interview with WWAC. Here we’re asking Nicholson and her contributors to share her “Three Stars and a Wish” about comic conventions. That is, read on…

Cover art: Clueless: One Last Summer: Amber Benson and Sarah Kuhn (writing); Siobhan Keenan (art); Cathy Le (colors); Jim Campbell (letters); Natacha Bustos (cover art)

Ordinary Girls, Not Yet Ordinary Women: Clueless: One Last Summer

Clueless: One Last Summer Amber Benson and Sarah Kuhn (writing); Siobhan Keenan (art); Cathy Le (colors);  Jim Campbell (letters); Natacha Bustos (cover art) BOOM! Studios December, 2018 For ’90s kids who rented it every weekend from Blockbuster, Clueless represented something iconic. Delicious costuming, arch one-liners, and relatably memorable moments (Tai knocking herself out while dancing!…

The cover of Volume 35, featuring Natsu and several others in soft, hopeful tones.

Hipster Manga: 7 Seeds

7 Seeds Yumi Tamura Shougakukan Content warnings: 7 Seeds contains violence, death that is sometimes gruesome, and an attempted rape. Yumi Tamura hasn’t had a series released in English since Basara, her award-winning fantasy epic of the 1990s. This might lead her fans in the Anglosphere to think she’s stopped work or that she peaked…

A lone figure approaches Blackwood College in Blackwood Volume 1 cover A. Written by Evan Dorkin, drawn by Veronica and Andy Fish. Published by Dark Horse Comics. December 21, 2018.

Blackwood: Magical Monster Mayhem

Blackwood Evan Dorkin (Writer), Veronica Fish (Artist), Andy Fish (Artist and Letters) Dark Horse Comics 12 December, 2018 Howard Ogden, Dean of Blackwood College, sits within his cold, dark office writing a note to his friend, Russell Colby. Ogden has hidden secrets from Colby, secrets about the college, about himself, about what he has unwittingly…