Book Beat: Indie Bookstore Sales and Good Omens

Hello again, readers! Welcome to the first Book Beat of 2019. I hope your year is off to a good start and that your celebrations were successful, whether they included parties, going to bed early, or anything in between.

The book world has been pretty quiet over the holidays, so aside from 2018 reflections and 2019 most anticipated posts, there hasn’t been a whole lot of news. But don’t fret, I’ve still got some stories to ring the new year in with.

Tiechner Report

Publishers finished up 2018 with some good news from indie bookstores: sales are up.
In a letter, American Booksellers Association’s CEO Oren Teicher gave two reasons for stores’ success. First is the stores’ ability to keep their costs low. Second is improvements in the cost of goods sold. Both contributed to the nearly 5% sales increase.

He thanked publishers for their efforts and noted that 2019 will see continued support for preorder campaigns.

A Long Expected Return

Librarians in Winnipeg recently had a surprise waiting in their book chute. A copy of Sara Binks by Paul Hiebert was returned after 50 years.

The book was borrowed in 1968 before the library used digital records. So, no one knows who had it for so long. But librarians said it looked well loved and don’t seem concerned about collecting on late fees. (The max fee for a late adult collection book is $11.)

Sarah Binks, Paul Hiebert, New Canadian Library, 2015

“When materials come back we’re just happy,” said librarian Barbara Bourrier-LaCroix of the book’s return.

Banished Words

The dictionaries have shared their top searched words of 2018, but here’s something a little different: Lake Superior State University’s banished word list.

The words on this list have been nominated for banishment for “Mis-use, Over-use and General Uselessness.” This year, many of the words and phrases on the list reflect political news coverage. For example, “collusion” and “most important election of our time.” Others nominations take issue with slang or modern alternative usage. What do you think, is this list right or a bit pedantic?

Neil Gaiman on Post Production of Good Omens

Those of you eagerly awaiting the television adaptation of Good Omens may be interested in checking out Neil Gaiman’s New Year’s blog post. In it, he gives a glimpse of the post-production work he and the rest of the team have been doing since filming wrapped in early 2018. And within these glimpses behind the scenes are some hints at what details have made the transition from book to screen.

Out This Week

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The Last Lie

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