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Interview With Dean Trippe

Dean Trippe is the kind of creator with such an obvious passion for comics, it’s enough to make the most dedicated of fans feel lazy. We all dislike a character costume at some point, but have you ever inspired a campaign...

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Master Post: 75 Years of Lois Lane

This is the master post for our week of guest posts on Lois Lane’s long publishing history. As always, thanks to all of our wonderful writers, and our supportive readers. Now, who’s ready for a new Lois? Two days...

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Guest Post: Why A Black Lois Lane Matters

“She is a fighter to the point of getting in over her head, but she does it to fight for truth and justice the same as Superman does… only she does it without powers.” Natasha Townsel This essay was previously...

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Guest Post: Lois Lane’s Cry For Help

“Silver Age Lois didn’t seem to have any feminist gumption, but her readers may have found a subversive message among her tears.” Tim Hanley and Lori Wozney At first glance, the Silver Age Lois Lane had a lot going...

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