• Titan Comics Pubwatch: June 2020

    Titan Comics Pubwatch: June 20200

    June is bustin’ out all over, and so are comics, now that Diamond’s distribution channels are back up and running.  And while it’s far from normal, it’s nice to see new books on the shelves.  What’s been going on across the pond?  Let’s find out! (And if you are venturing out to your comic shop to

  • Titan Comics Pubwatch: May 2020

    Titan Comics Pubwatch: May 20200

    For most of us, life is still life on lockdown, with more questions and anxieties than certainties and answers as the hours and days pass.  But thank goodness for comics that can provide us with moments of escape and distraction from a 24 hour news cycle that rivals even the most dystopian of dystopias.  I

  • Titan Comics Pubwatch: February 2020

    Titan Comics Pubwatch: February 20200

    Forget flowers, chocolates, and jewelry.  This Valentine’s/Galentine’s Day, you want comics. Let’s see if Titan will be your Valentine.

  • Adler #1: All-Female Team-Up…By an All-Male Team

    Adler #1: All-Female Team-Up…By an All-Male Team0

    Irene Adler has a nemesis—Moriarty—and he desperately wants something from her. But Adler has more important things to worry about, like finding a roommate so she can rent a place in London. Moriarty and his henchmen will just have to wait.

  • Doctor Who: Thirteenth Doctor Year 2 #1: Weeping Woodstock

    Doctor Who: Thirteenth Doctor Year 2 #1: Weeping Woodstock0

    Doctor Who: Thirteenth Doctor Year 2 #1 sees the Doc and her ‘fam’ head to Woodstock… except the Tardis has other ideas. They’re in 1969 alright, but not at Woodstock. Instead, the Tardis has landed them in London, in the same vicinity as the Doctor’s tenth incarnation. The Tardis must have a reason for this

  • Titan Comics PUBWATCH: January 2020

    Titan Comics PUBWATCH: January 20200

    New Year, New Decade! (Though some may debate if we are really in a new decade.) Let’s take a bit of a look at what December brought from Titan Comics, and some of what to look forward to this year.