• Marvelous MoCCA Mini Roundup

    Marvelous MoCCA Mini Roundup0

    Going to the annual Museum of Comics and Cartoon Arts fest is nostalgic for me. I remember so many venues this con has used over the years, and recall so fondly the sense of excitement and discovery in finding quirky little photocopied mini comics, sold directly to me by their creators. Over a decade ago,

  • ECCC 2019: Nola’s Zine Haul

    ECCC 2019: Nola’s Zine Haul0

    Going into Emerald City Comic Con this year, I had one, focused goal: Zines. I never got to write it up, but I spent a lot of last year at panels and, while I enjoyed them, I also constantly felt like I could just be at Artist Alley instead. This year I leaned into that

  • ABO Comix: Breaking Through the Isolation of LGBTQ Prisoners

    ABO Comix: Breaking Through the Isolation of LGBTQ Prisoners0

    ABO is a comix collective of creators and activists working to amplify the voices of incarcerated LGBTQ folks. I recently had the unique pleasure of sitting down to chat with two of the group’s founders. We went in deep regarding prison abolition, material support for queer prisoners, and methods for holding our own spaces accountable.