• The Canadian Comics Open Library Is Shaping Our Shelves

    The Canadian Comics Open Library Is Shaping Our Shelves0

    Finding comic books at your local library can sometimes be an effort in frustration, or worse, futility. If they are available at all, they are often lumped under a single label, hidden away on a shelf in the corner. Part of the issue, explained librarian Rotem Diamant in a CBC interview, is that the current

  • The Harmful Pseudoarchaeology of Mythological Atlantis

    The Harmful Pseudoarchaeology of Mythological Atlantis2

    Having made its recent debut, Lost City Explorers is a brand new comic series by Aftershock Comics. In this series, siblings Helen and Homer Coates find themselves reeling from the sudden death of their archaeologist father, Dr. Tom Coates, who they believe has died in an underground work accident. That is until they find out

  • Con(ference) Diary: CSS19 Comics/Politics

    Con(ference) Diary: CSS19 Comics/Politics0

    The Comics Studies Society held its second annual conference at Toronto’s Ryerson University over the last weekend of July. Drawing on the theme, Comics/Politics, CSS19 attendees from around the world participated in a conference that foregrounded Canadian comics scholarship and practice in plenaries featuring Tara Audibert, Cole Pauls, Camille Callison, Jillian Tamaki, and Fiona Smyth.