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  • Addiction, Self-injury, and Women In Comics

    Addiction, Self-injury, and Women In Comics3

    • January 9, 2014

    Trigger Warning: This post discusses drug addiction, self-injury, and other mental health issues. In September, DC landed itself in some seriously hot water when a proposal went out for artists to draw Harley Quinn naked and attempting to electrocute herself in the bathtub. The proposal, dreamed up by series writer Jimmy Palmiotti, drew quick condemnation

  • The Critics’ Jane Foster7

    • November 20, 2013

    I’ve liked Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster since the first Thor. In particular, a scene that still makes me laugh is when Jane accidentally puts her dirty dishes right back in the cupboard of her cramped trailer the first time Thor comes calling. It’s a cute scene, and Portman’s muttering Jane is flummoxed. In Thor 2,

  • Interview with Jeremy Whitley of Princeless2

    When I initially describe Jeremy Whitley’s Princeless (Action Lab Comics) to people, I explain it as if we got to continue seeing the adventures of Princess Elizabeth from Robert Munsch’s The Paper Bag Princess. That story, published in 1980, was quite a feminist gold standard for the time: the young princess rescues her prince, and

  • Interview with Janelle Asselin1

    Getting There The former DC editor talks getting more women into comics: not just reading, but writing and editing them, too. Elisabeth Pfeiffer  By this point, Janelle Asselin should be a recognizeable name if you’re into comics at all. The former DC Comics editor, now a children’s magazine editor with Disney, took on the perceptions