Day: July 27, 2012

Interview with Janelle Asselin

Getting There The former DC editor talks getting more women into comics: not just reading, but writing and editing them, too. Elisabeth Pfeiffer  By this point, Janelle Asselin should be a recognizeable name if you’re into comics at all. The former DC Comics editor, now a children’s magazine editor with Disney, took on the perceptions…

Master Post: Carol Appreciation

This is the master post for the Carol Danvers Appreciation special edition of the carnival. It’s basically Kelly Sue DeConnick’s fault. Captain Marvel Roundtable, feat. Megan Purdy, Megan Byrd, Liz Pfeiffer, Skalja, Cohen and Alisdair. A Love Letter, by Damalur. Carol, and the Stories of Other Women, by Garrideb. Ultimate Carol Danvers, by Valtyr. Review:…