Author: Mai Pucik

Kiryuu Touga, Revolutionary Girl Utena. © 1997 BE-PAPAS/CHIHO SAITO/SHOGAKUKAN • SHOKAKU • TV TOKYO.

Top 10 Redheads: Anime Edition

We at Women Write About Comics want to show our support for the red-haired people of this world! Back in 2014, Ashley Schmuecker put out her top ten list of kick-ass superheroes and villains with glorious red (and orange) locks. It’s about time we showcased more awesome redheads, isn’t it? WWAC writers have nominated and voted on our favorite…

Page from Silk #2 by Lee and Herring

Review: Silk #1-2

Silk #1-2 Robbie Thompson (writer), Stacey Lee (artist), Ian Herring (colors) Variant covers by Skottie Young and Jake Forbes Marvel Comics For a character barely a year old, Cindy Moon comes into her first solo title with a lot of baggage. As a new lead in an ongoing superhero universe where new series launch every month, she’s…

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Multifarious: But the art of it

The rise of curation in popular culture Has the curator supplanted the creator in popular imagination? The Globe and Mail examines the rise of curation as a profession and an art form. The curator’s job has been, among other things, to find the through line. She provides a practical function, telling us who to trust…

Banner: Twelfth Doctor

Review: Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #1

Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #1 Robbie Morrison (writer), Dave Taylor (artist) Titan Comics Creating a tie-in comic for an ongoing live-action TV property must, I imagine, be something like unicycling on a tightrope while juggling. You’re effectively translating at the same time as telling a story, taking characters performed by actors and rendering their…

Banner: Cher from Clueless

R/W: Adult Human Female

Word Nerdery Woman. Noun. An adult human female. Google suggests: “a female worker or employee; a wife, girlfriend, or lover.” Pack mule, brood mare, treasured possession. Ouch, Google. That’s way harsh. As usual, the Online Etymology Dictionary is more useful, and more interesting: “adult female human,” late Old English wimman, wiman (plural wimmen), literally “woman-man,” alteration…

Clara and the Doctor

Review: The Time of the Doctor

After a rocky series 6 and 7, Doctor Who’s triumphant 50th anniversary special seemed to presage a return to the heights of Steven Moffat’s first year as showrunner. In retrospect, perhaps there was no way for him to live up to those renewed expectations

Top Ten Holiday Movies

Ok, we lied. We’re counting down our Top 12 Holiday Movies, because we couldn’t stop at just ten. So you’ve unwrapped your gifts, had your breakfast of cookies and ‘nog, and now you’re settling in for the time-honoured tradition of avoiding your family until turkey. Have we got some distractions for you! 12. Hogfather It’s Hogswatchnight, when…

Fall Reading

Fall is a good time for books that will destroy your everything. It’s not winter, when disaffection can stretch on into misery. Fall? There are pumpkins to carve, fallen leaves to jump into, and forget seasonal affective disorder–there’s still enough sun to keep you from the black pit of despair we call deep winter. I read a…