Day: April 3, 2015

Artwork by Baptiste Pagani and Kali Ciesemier

Kickstarter of the Week: Fight!

Feature image artwork by Baptiste Pagani and Kali Ciesemier. This week I’d like to share a Kickstarter I’ve been looking forward to for a while now: Fight! The Fight Zine is a project started by Jenn Woodall and brings together 36 artists for 44 full-color pages of incredible, video-game inspired art. Contributing illustrators include Sam…

Batman Logo (1989)

The DC Daily Planet: BATMAN RETURNS!

Hold onto your tights, chums! Adam West (aka the best Batman ever, and I’ll fight anyone on that) has picked up the red emergency phone and returning to the cave! And that’s not all: he’ll be bringing with him his young Ward. (I hate myself a little for typing that.) It’s not a perfect return: Adam…

Page from Silk #2 by Lee and Herring

Review: Silk #1-2

Silk #1-2 Robbie Thompson (writer), Stacey Lee (artist), Ian Herring (colors) Variant covers by Skottie Young and Jake Forbes Marvel Comics For a character barely a year old, Cindy Moon comes into her first solo title with a lot of baggage. As a new lead in an ongoing superhero universe where new series launch every month, she’s…