Kickstarter of the Week: Fight!

Artwork by Baptiste Pagani and Kali Ciesemier
Cover of Fight! Round 1.
Cover of Fight! Round 1.

Feature image artwork by Baptiste Pagani and Kali Ciesemier.

This week I’d like to share a Kickstarter I’ve been looking forward to for a while now: Fight!

The Fight Zine is a project started by Jenn Woodall and brings together 36 artists for 44 full-color pages of incredible, video-game inspired art. Contributing illustrators include Sam Bosma, Madeline Flores, Paulina Ganucheau, Annie Stoll, and Babs Tarr!

Each of these artists has created and illustrated an original female fighter a la Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. Woodall writes, “I’ve always really loved the character and environment design that came with fighting games. …I was inspired to do the project by games like these and my love of tough female characters.” Over the course of the zine, these characters are paired together in a series of face-offs.  Each character also has an original backstory that will be indexed at the end of the zine.

The project has been successfully funded, but all extra funds go towards paying the wonderful creators who have contributed their time and talent to the zine. A $5 donation will get you a PDF of Round 1, and all donations over $20 earn a physical copy. Other rewards include stickers, prints, and original artwork from the creators! Many of these items are exclusive to the Kickstarter, so make sure you contribute before the funding period closes on April 22!

However, if you’re worried about making that deadline, fear not! This is only Round 1 of the Fight! zine project, with plans for Round 2 and the Final Round in the works for future development.

Check out the Kickstarter page for funding updates, the full list of contributors, and sneak peeks of the zine, and keep an eye on the Fight! Tumblr for announcements of future projects!

KM Bezner

KM Bezner

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