The DC Daily Planet: BATMAN RETURNS!

Batman Logo (1989)

Hold onto your tights, chums! Adam West (aka the best Batman ever, and I’ll fight anyone on that) has picked up the red emergency phone and returning to the cave! And that’s not all: he’ll be bringing with him his young Ward.

(I hate myself a little for typing that.)

It’s not a perfect return: Adam and Burt won’t — sadly — be donning the tights and cowl themselves, but they will be voicing Bats and Robin for a new animated feature celebrating the show’s fiftieth anniversary. My heart grew three sizes this day, crusaders. I love that show and I will watch the heck out of this movie.


And, obviously, the way to most enjoy that viewing would be to do it in my very own Robin-inspired bathrobe, like this vintage one Nerd Reactor is giving away. STEP OFF, IT’S MINE.

More things to be excited about: CONVERGENCE has finally begun, and I am stoked. I’ve been excited for this since the announcement came out, and I picked up #0 this past Wednesday. Which universe are you most excited to see back? For me, it’s all about the Dick/Babs. I AM HERE FOR THAT.

This one guy re-imagined the Carolina Panthers as DC heroes. Taking fantasy football to the next level, y’all!

Admittedly kind of awesome.

How’s your week been, crusaders? Let me know below!




Laura Harcourt

Laura Harcourt

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