Supporting Geeky Indie Crafters: A WWAC Shopping Guide

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We have some pretty talented crafters here at WWAC, but for those of us who are less crafty inclined or just want to support other crafters, we are sharing some of our favorite indie geek crafters.

PickNMix LOTR skirt
Lord of the Rings Middle Earth skirt by PicknMix

Birdi just recently bought a skirt from Etsy shop, PicknMix. Jo, who runs the shop, makes custom geeky skirts. Birdi ordered a Lord of the Rings skirt and throughout the entire process Jo kept her aware of the process and verified her waist measurements. When the skirt was delivered, Jo included a sweet note thanking Birdi for her purchase and let her know how many LOTR skirts she had made so far. And, Jo also included some sugary British candy treats! Birdi says the skirt is comfy and cute, the one true skirt.Mai uses Etsy for hunting down geeky cross stitch patterns. She’s bought a couple of patterns from weelittlestitches, whose charming pixel people come in a wide variety of fandoms, including a respectable superhero contingent (they even have two patterns just for female superheroes: 1 and 2!) She is planning on purchasing robinsdesign’s 3D D20s or RandomlyGenerated’s Babel Fish, or one of SatsumaStreet’s mid-century-inspired designs next. On the non-DIY side, she has been super tempted lately by ChimericGarnish’s Godzilla world tour necklace: your choice of city smashed!

Kat “loooves” her Nerd Herder wallet from Etsy shop, Rockitbot.

“I’ve got a cute print, and it fits a USB drive along with literally anything else I want, plus I’ve got my house keys on it so if I want to ditch a purse I’ve got everything I need.”

Al recommends Gaijin Taiyaki, a yummy bakery run by Heather Baird and her husband that sells taiyaki at conventions around the state of Florida. What is taiyaki? Super cute and delicious Japanese snack cakes. They are a little different than the traditional ones made of pancake batter and filled with red bean paste. The Bairds make them out of cake batter and fill them with tasty pastes. If you live in South Florida you can order them online, or find them at a con!

UnicornEmpirePrints_Pacific rim shirt
Gipsy Danger – Pacific Rim Shirt by Unicorn Empire

Anna T. is currently crushing on UnicornEmpire. She recently bought her boyfriend an amazing Gipsy Danger Pacific Rim T-shirt, and he loves it (as he should). The shop owner makes Supernatural, Doctor Who, Star Trek, and more shirts, prints, and jewelry!As for me, I’m an Etsy-acholic. I love buying unique gifts and home decor – especially with a geeky bent. I have purchased several prints from Quaint & Curious. The creator and shop owner takes famous quotes and/or images related to an author or text and prints them on book pages from these same texts. I have a Sylvia Plath one, Alice in Wonderland, and Jane Austen.Storiarts was brought to my attention by a coworker. This Etsy shop makes infinity scarves printed with text from classic stories. I ended up ordering one as a Christmas present for a friend. I ordered The Secret Garden one because it was green and had pretty, little illustrations on it and because it’s one of my bestie’s favorite books.

BeesKneesCrafts_Ursula and Maleficient LGBTQ Necklace
Ursula and Maleficient Kissing Necklace by The Bee’s Knees Crafts

I stumbled across The Bee’s Knees Crafts when I was looking for Disney villain stuff for my bestie. I found a necklace of Maleficent and Ursula kissing and purchased it immediately, knowing my bestie would love the queering of two of her favorite Disney baddies. Bee’s Knee’s stuff is colorful and geeky, like Lisa Frank gone goth. The creator also makes stuff emblazened with “fat babe” and “riots not diets.”Also, I have been pleasantly surprised to find that some of my favorite comic book artists have their own Etsy stores. Both Stephanie Buscema and Megan Levens sell their artwork via Etsy.

Got any of your own recommendations? Share them in the comments below. If you are an indie crafter yourself, then feel free to totally hawk your own unique creations.
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