Day: May 29, 2015

stock: True War Romance 16, penciller Bill Walsh, digital comics museum

The End of The Nib…or is it?

The Nib, which has garnered a reputation as one of the best sites for comics, is no more. Sort of. The past few days have been filled with despair and mourning, and speculation about  its future. Yesterday, The Beat published an article that neatly presented what we knew and when we knew it, as well as…

Daltura art and tshirt

Kickstarter of the Week: Datura: Wearable Art Armor

Be the beautiful bad-ass warrior you’ve always dreamed you could be with this week’s Kickstarter of the Week. No cosplay or sword required. On the campaign page for Datura: Wearable Art Armor Kickstarter, artist Sam Guay talks about the concept: ““Datura” is one of my illustrations, born from mythic symbols and my love of decorative armor. I’ve…

Spider-Gwen #1. Written by Jason Latour. Art by Robbi Rodriguez. February 25, 2015. Marvel Comics.

Soon You Too Can Live Your Spider-Gwen Dreams!

Spider-Gwen fans have even more to celebrate other than great sales because Spider-Gwen is getting a clothing line! Welovefine, a clothing and accessories retailer, specializes in geek and fandom clothing. Spider-Gwen will be joining other Welovefine clothing lines featuring such badass female comic characters as Black Widow, Captain Marvel, and the Lumberjanes. The Spider-Gwen collection features a zip-up hoodie,…


Relive, Rewrite, Restore: Yukarism Volume 1

Yukarism, Vol. 1 Chika Shiomi Viz Media 2014 It’s hard to pin Yukarism down, even after a few rereads. Chika Shiomi throws several tropes together—history, reincarnation, romance, time-travel—and while the result is entertaining at first, the story quickly loses its ability to intrigue the reader. Main character Yukari Kobayakawa’s literary talent is evident at 17 years…