The End of The Nib…or is it?

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The Nib, which has garnered a reputation as one of the best sites for comics, is no more. Sort of.

The past few days have been filled with despair and mourning, and speculation about  its future. Yesterday, The Beat published an article that neatly presented what we knew and when we knew it, as well as speculating as to why it was happening.

The timeline is this:

  • The Nib’s Eleri Mai Harris is informed she will no longer be Associate Editor. The Beat piece indicates this was weeks ago, but she confirmed it today on Twitter.
  • Cartoonists who regularly published on The Nib indicate they will no longer be publishing on The Nib due to unspecified changes that are coming. Ruben Bolling’s statement is here, and Tom Tomorrow’s Twitter is filled with discussion.
  • Matt Bors, editor of The Nib publishes some further clarification on what is happening and why.

According to Bors, this is the last week of The Nib’s “regular lineup.” So, yes. The Nib of this week will not be The Nib of next week. But, Bors stresses, some things will continue:

Here’s what isn’t changing: The Nib is always going to be a place for the sharp political cartoons, great journalism and essays that other media outlets are too uninventive or shortsighted to be commissioning themselves.

It will always be that.

Beyond that promise, what The Nib will be remains to be seen. What The Nib won’t be, it seems, is what made it successful: a regular publisher of daily and weekly content.

Kate Tanski

Kate Tanski

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