Soon You Too Can Live Your Spider-Gwen Dreams!

Spider-Gwen #1. Written by Jason Latour. Art by Robbi Rodriguez. February 25, 2015. Marvel Comics.

Spider-Gwen fans have even more to celebrate other than great sales because Spider-Gwen is getting a clothing line! Welovefine, a clothing and accessories retailer, specializes in geek and fandom clothing. Spider-Gwen will be joining other Welovefine clothing lines featuring such badass female comic characters as Black Widow, Captain Marvel, and the Lumberjanes.

Welovefine SpiderGwen topThe Spider-Gwen collection features a zip-up hoodie, hoodie tank, adorable cardigan, and leggings with three different patterns to pick from. I love leggings! They’re pants for people who hate pants! And as someone who doesn’t really like t-shirts, Welovefine’s range of clothing is a breath of fresh air to a t-shirt-hating fangurl. You can find interesting tank tops, dolman-style cardigans, knit sweaters, tunics, denim shorts, this amazing Ms. Marvel tank, and MOAR!

Sizes range according to item. Some items only go up to a large while others go up to a 3XL, though the entire Spider-Gwen collection goes up to a 3XL. Additionally, the Spider-Gwen collection features models of varying sizes, jumping and moving around in their Spider-Gwen gear. I appreciate this approach to modeling instead of models with clothes hanging off their stiff bodies.

You can pre-order here, but if you can’t wait, Welovefine has a ton of Spider-Gwen t-shirts to pick from. Any questions about the items? Ask the designer via the comments section. She’s quick to respond!

Welovefine also features collections curated by such comic bigwigs as Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction, both of whom donate the proceeds to charitable organizations.

(Note: Being a geek journalist is hard — I now want all the things, and my wallet is crying out.)

Ginnis Tonik

Ginnis Tonik

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