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Review: The Legend of Bold Riley

The Legend of Bold Riley Leia Weathington Leia Weathington, Marco Aidala, Vanessa Gillings, Kelly McClellan, Konstantin Pogorelov and Jason Thompson Northwest Press Last week, one of my very favorite shows of all time – Nickelodeon’s The Legend of Korra – returned to the airways for its third season. But for those who, like me, are…

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A Tale of Comics Academe in a History Department: An Interview with Professor Julian Chambliss

Professor Julian Chambliss’s true origin remains shrouded in mystery but his LinkedIn page tells us that he has been a professor at Rollins College in Florida since 2003. In an interview by Chris Rawlins, Chambliss recounted his first experience teaching with comic books in 2006. As an editor and contributor for a recent compilation of research…

She-Ra Gets a New Look

The finale of “The Blood of Grayskull” is here! Darkness has taken over Eternia. He-Man is dead. Only one person can save the day – she is Adora. She is She-Ra! Today The Mary Sue gave us our first look at She-Ra a.k.a Princess Adora, sister of Prince Adam/He-Man. There are a few criticisms to…