Lumberjanes Big Screen Adaptation in the Works

The success of the Lumberjanes is going strong. Following hot on the heels of their Eisner nominations for Best New Series and Best Publication for Teens, comes word that 20th Century Fox has found someone to write a live-action movie adaption.

sdcc-lumberjanes_004_-_sdccAccording to the folks at The Wrap, Will Widger has been tasked with adapting the tale of five best friends battling the supernatural at Lumberjanes scout camp.  The ongoing series from BOOM! Studios has been lauded on many fronts including for its representation and diversity, earning it a GLAAD Media Award nomination for Outstanding Comic Book. The recently released Lumberjanes Volume 1 trade paperback made Diamond’s April sales top 10 list for graphic novels and sales as well as nods on the weekly New York Times bestseller list solidifying the title’s mainstream potential.

A big part of Lumberjanes success seems to be the all-female creative team featuring Grace Ellis, Noelle Stevenson and Brooke A. Allen, so it will be interesting to see how Widger approaches the task. The studio and producers are already thinking of female directors to target once the script is complete.


Brenda Noiseux

Brenda Noiseux

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3 thoughts on “Lumberjanes Big Screen Adaptation in the Works

  1. This should be interesting, i’ve read the first book and it was very entertaining!
    But this got me thinking, and worrying about myself.

    I’m gearing up to start my first graphic novel (writer and artist). So far it has some (hopefully) strong feminist subtext and themes. A majority of the characters are female.
    However, while my identity is as well, my presentation is not. I’m trans, but I’m still very much in the closet, to everyone who sees or interacts with me, I’m male. I don’t plan to come out for a while, so to the general public, I’m a man trying to write about women.
    Im so supportive of female creators, they generally make the best things, and we need more of them for sure.
    But while i view myself as one, society won’t. I worry that they’ll see me as just a man failing to write, or won’t take me seriously because of my sex. Even once i come out and transition, I’m afraid i won’t be considered a “real” female creator.
    I’m trying really hard and i want so much to contribute to our portion of the market, i just hope I’ll be allowed into it and not just passed over because of my male name on the cover. Am i being too worrysome?

  2. I would love to see this as a movie. I really hope they bring on a female director for it, it’s had such a solid team of female creators behind it from the get go it would be a shame to ruin that now.

    1. Me too. After our collective disappointment about the live action JEM movie, I hope Hollywood has learned their lesson.

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