Author: Lela Gwenn

Strange Nation TPB (2015)

Interview with STRANGE NATION writer Paul Allor

Norma Park used to have a bright future in journalism. Then she uncovered the terrifying truth about a dangerous conspiracy involving aliens, Sasquatch and doomsday cults! Now Norma finds herself fired from her prestigious newspaper and working at the supermarket tabloid Strange Nation. But nothing will keep Norma from sharing her terrible knowledge with the world! In Strange Nation writer…

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Holy Neon Pits, Batgirl! WWAC Talks Body Hair

Last month, Claire Napier discussed the taboo topic of … female body hair! Lately, some ladies are doing such scandalous things as growing out their armpit hair and even dying it bright colors. This month, we are all jumping in on the body hair discussion in the vein of our On Make-up and Femininity: WWAC Talks…

Movies that Shaped Me: Labyrinth

Labyrinth Directed by Jim Henson Written by Dennis Lee, Jim Henson (story), Terry Jones (screenplay) Starring: David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly, Toby Froud PG, 101 minutes 1986 On June 27th, 1986, I had been seven years old for exactly nine days when my parents took me to see Labyrinth in the theater. It was a foregone conclusion that we would go….

Drink Your Comics: Convergence!

So everyone is talking about DC’s New 49, I mean…er, Convergence, these past few months as DC attempts to diversify their lines. In celebration of what I am sure is a well-intentioned attempt to stop fridging female characters and glossing over characters who should be canonically bisexual and preventing lesbian characters from marrying their partners,…