#BatmanvSuperman: A Breakfast Cereal Civil War

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After I reviewed General Mills’ Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice tie-in cereals, there was much crying and moaning from WWAC staff and Twitter passersby.

Why did I get the chance to eat these delicious cereals before they did? Why did I get to have a sweet cape and mask mailed to my home, free of charge, so I could take endless ridiculous selfies? Why wouldn’t I shut up about these delicious cereals they would have to wait months to taste? Well friends, those are just the benefits of being the editor-in-chief of a comics and pop culture site.

perry white, man of steel
Not pictured: Perry’s cereal. Actually pictured: Perry’s exasperation.

But now that the movie is out and the cereals—and other assorted tie-in products—have flooded the market, you too can have have a civil war in your mouth.

I checked in with four WWAC team members to see which cereal was the one for them.

Have you eaten the Super cereal and if so, are you Team Bat or Team Supes?

Lela: I enjoyed the Batman cereal. I got no “strawberry” flavor out of it, but the chocolate flavor was good. I didn’t get to try the Superman one because a friend was deeply offended that I opened the “collector’s edition” boxes, and they stole it from me.

Ray: I’ve only eaten the Superman cereal because I don’t like strawberry. Team Superman by default!

Christa: Team Superman! I’m sure the Batman cereal is fine, I like chocolate as much as the next person, but Superman cereal is caramel flavoured. Enough said.

Ardo: TEAM BATMAN! The Superman cereal tasted good but too subtle for me. I liked the intensity of the Batman cereal more.

How would you rank the Super Cereal in comparison with other branded cereals?

Lela: I think that I would actually eat Batman (snicker snicker). It reminded me of a less sweet CoCo Puffs.

Ray: I don’t eat branded cereals other than the occasional healthy cinnamon cereal. The Superman cereal is way more sugary than I’m used to now. However, I like it a lot! I eat it in the morning, I eat it as a snack, and I regret that my stockpile of boxes will eventually expire because I want to eat it forever.

Christa: I love cereal. It is my go-to snack food, and sometimes I pack it as my lunch, too. Although strangely I almost never eat it for breakfast. I have my favourites—Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Captain Crunch, Shreddies, and so on. And I have to admit, the Superman cereal may be joining that list now. It’s sweet so it appeals to the sugar addict in me, but it’s not too over the top (like those terrible Lucky Charms marshmallows). I hope it sticks around for awhile after the movie comes out.

Ardo: Both cereals didn’t taste like they were baked in sugar, dunked in sugar, and sprinkled with sugar all over. They also didn’t taste like cardboard. It was this nice middle ground, and you got to choose the intensity of the flavour between Superman’s Caramel Crunch and Batman’s Chocolate Strawberry. I think this was great marketing that felt like actual thought was put into it versus just slapping on promotional material on an existing product. Also: good food is always a win.

Now that I’ve had time to try both cereals, hear from my writers, and try both cereals AGAIN, I can say with full confidence that Superman kicks Batman’s butt. It’s a better cereal and a better cereal box.

Here, I broke it down scientifically:

cereal comparison
Note: I did, in fact, give Ardo my box of Batman cereal.

Where the Superman cereal’s subtle caramel flavour is ideal for on-the-go snacking and fast-breaking, the Batman cereal’s poisonous interaction with milk—you can all but taste the dye seeping out into the milk!—makes it only suitable for a sandwich baggie, a sad in-transit snack of pure desperation.

Sorry Batman, you lose.

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