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So last month I told y’all about my new approach to my endo: I’ve gone vegan. Gluten free. Soy free. 

I am the queen of the rice, people. Rice Chex. Rice Noodles. Rice cakes. Almond milk (sorry, rice milk just…isn’t). It isn’t easy. I’m not talking about the cravings, cuz I mean… cheese or death? (Lela: prone to over dramatization.) Cheese ain’t gonna win. Finding stuff though? In the middle of nowhere? Difficult. When my grocery store added a gluten free section I threw a little party! Downside? When I went to buy rice noodles I was taken to the gluten free rice spaghetti. When I explained that NO, I wanted RICE NOODLES, the stock person looked at me like I was nuts and showed me that the faux-ghetti was, in fact, made with rice.


Also: It’s expensive. I mean… beans and rice aren’t. I guess I could live on beans and rice, but almond milk? Almond milk is pricey. So are Rice Chex (when you eat as many as I do). Nuts are expensive. Fruits and veggies (especially when you’re trying to stay organic) are expensive. I went from spending $10 a day on food to $30ish. But mostly, I’ve figured it out:

  • If someone wants to do dinner out, I suggest Indian. Chana masala is my jam. Aloo Gobi is my fall back position.
  • Rice Chex and almond milk are my go-to breakfast/snack.
  • Kind Bars and Lara Bars are the go-to, to-go snack.

And how do I feel? Well, I didn’t skip the little white pills this month, and I had one bad night. One. And I didn’t throw up once during that one bad night, so in the pantheon of “bad nights” it doesn’t really rate. And after that one bad night I had six uneventful ones. That is a beautiful sentence for someone with endo.


Why vegan/gluten free/soy free? Well, the idea is to reduce inflammation (some people have an inflammatory response to wheat, and animal products are also inflammatory) and reduce estrogen (because endometria produce estrogen, which means I am already SUPER ESTROGEN WOMAN! Add soy and meat to that mix, and and it gets out of hand…which leads to more issues). Here is a study that was done about gluten and endometriosis. I can’t find any scientific studies connecting veganism and reduced endometrial symptoms. It may be that the gluten-free-ness made me feel better. It may be the veganism. It may be that I’ve just had enough time to heal after my surgery. I honestly don’t care. I feel better than I have since I was 13. I have NEVER menstruated without vomiting. So this is pretty cool.

So, the expense and the difficulty is worth it for me, though I know that not everyone has that privilege. I’d love to hear if y’all have any tips or tricks to make vegan and/or gluten free life easier or less expensive. Share your tips in the comments!

Lela Gwenn

Lela Gwenn

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