Author: Lela Gwenn

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Drink Your Comics: Redheads at the Bar

Redheads are a big thing in comic books. Ashley Schmuecker’s list of her top ten ginger comic book heroines continues to be one of our most popular posts. While we’ve shared some other festive alcoholic creations (Colleen’s Megahex cocktail, Claire’s Ginger Beer, and Ginnis’ mulled wine), we decided to revisit Ashley’s list with some more themed drinks to…

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#WWACWarriors: Starting New Year’s Early

From time to time, we have shared our adventures in exercise, working out, and just getting our bodies up and moving under the category: WWAC Warrior. Ardo has written about her adventures in boxing and Muay Thai, Wendy B has written about her experience using the Zombies Run app, and we have even interviewed game developer Brianna…

NYCC Cosplay Is Not Consent

Dear NYCC ’14

Dear NYCC ’14, I’ll admit it. I was the girl looking through my fingers, cringing to my soul at the “I LOVE BIG CANS” banners of you previous incarnation. I wasn’t angry then, just… embarrassed for you. You were the guy in that teen movie, selling out your real friends to look cool for the…

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#WWACNerdMovie Was Incredibly Fun

Wednesday July 30th was the inaugural #WWACNerdMovie Night, in which we get together to watch a classic nerd movie and live tweet our snarky little hearts out. This month’s movie was Barbarella, a film that practically whimpers with ecstatic joy to be snarked upon. And snark we did.

Pigeons! The First WWAC Sunday Art Gala

It’s Sunday! Lazy, restful, busy or boring; it doesn’t matter, because either way you’re here with us now. In art class! Sundays are art club days, from now on. Wanna join in? We’ve taken a few minutes here and there to each draw a doodle on a single theme. Take a look through, admire our…

Phoenix Comic Con is AWESOME

77,818 people gathered in the desert to celebrate all that is geek-culture… …and it was GOOD. On June 5th 2014 the annual Phoenix Comic Con kicked off, larger than ever. Growing by over 50% from last year, the con had a few snags- especially when it came to getting people their badges but all in all…