NYCC Cosplay Is Not Consent

Dear NYCC ’14,

I’ll admit it. I was the girl looking through my fingers, cringing to my soul at the “I LOVE BIG CANS” banners of you previous incarnation. I wasn’t angry then, just… embarrassed for you. You were the guy in that teen movie, selling out your real friends to look cool for the mean but cool kids. I still liked you, but I was hoping that you’d get over it soon so we could be friends again.

And NYCC you totally did. This year you came around with no degrading banners, a new harassment policy, and programming that made remember why we became friends in the first place. We were nerds, we liked nerdy things, and we celebrated our outsider status!

The new harassment policy was excellent. It was clearly posted all over the con and the ability to report via the app (though service isn’t always perfect in Javits) is amazing.

If a person engages in harassing behavior, New York Comic Con (NYCC) Staff will take prompt action in any form they deem appropriate, including expulsion from NYCC with no refund. Our policy applies to EVERYONE at the convention. Exhibitors, Fans (Attendees), Speakers, Guests, Professionals, Press, Staff, Volunteers, and Security are all subject to our anti-harassment policy and will be held to the same standards and disciplinary action. — NYCC

The new programming around Women of Color, Queers in Comics, the problem of Harassment, Gaymers, Trans* Identity and Stereotypes  was excellently presented with perfect panelists. The only down side? Many of these panels I had to hear about second hand — the rooms were at capacity LONG before everyone who wanted to take part was inside. My only suggestion there is that we need the big rooms ( especially if you’re gonna have Gail Simone on a panel. She’s a bona fide rock star).

What you shouldn’t change is what brings me back every year. The fun. The awesomeness. Seeing friends from all over the world and connecting with my nerd community in a way that no other con (that I go to) gives me a chance to. Some people are intimidated by the size of the con. Not me. If you don’t mind getting into the middle of the kind of madness that you can ONLY get from NYC, this is the place to be. The show itself has something for everyone, the after parties give everyone a chance to connect and be part of the party. Also, if you are an aspiring ANYTHING in the nerdosphere being at NYCC is a must.

So in closing, thanks NYCC 14 for shedding your cool kid mantle and coming back and being our friend again. We missed you during that dark time, but don’t worry-

We still love you.

— Lela

Lela Gwenn

Lela Gwenn

Staff Writer Lela Gwenn is the girl next door in a very bad neighborhood. She eats vegtables, reads comics, writes all the things and tweets like it's her job. Owner of two dogs and one resting bitch face. Is probably not planning to kill you.